The Natural Healing Enzyme-Serrapeptase

Most people are not familiar with the attributes of Serrapeptase. Europeans and Asians have used Serrapeptase for thirty years for inflammation, heart and cardiovascular problems, healing from operations, and digestive disorders. It has also been helpful for sinus problems and asthma for some individuals. Serrapeptase is a strong natural proteolytic enzyme that is extracted from the intestines of a silkworm. Its uniqueness and effectiveness comes from its ability destroy non-living tissue in the human body such as blood clots. In nature, this enzyme destroys the cocoon of the silkworm to release the moth.

The late German physician, Dr. Hans Nieper was responsible for extensive research in the effectiveness of Serrapeptase. He treated his heart patients with Serrapeptase to dissolve the blockages in their arteries. He was definitely instrumental in providing statistical data concerning the effects of Serrapeptase in the human body. One remarkable quality of this enzyme is that have there been few reports of side effects associated with the use of Serrapeptase. However, it is always recommended to discuss the use of any product with your doctor to determine if it will be beneficial to your health.

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